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Concept Checking - Juniors

Standard: Learning

Standard Subset: Students Understand

This standard is met when: The teacher concept checks with their students regularly, and both verbalizes and types corrections in class for students.

Why take this course?

"Do you understand?"
"Does everyone agree?"

These questions that check whether students agree, not whether they understand. These types of questions and more higher order questions are not only challenging for young learners, but don’t get to the core of ensuring our students understand. There are different reasons for and approaches to concept checking. Doing so with with juniors takes specific skills and tactics that are covered in this course.

In this course we explore some of the more effective methods specifically for younger learners.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

-Understand why concept checking is important.
-Identify appropriate and inappropriate methods of concept checking.
-Make use of effective concept checking methods in the classroom.

10 mins | Video and check for understanding
  • Training update - Concpet checking for juniors 2.mp4
  • Test
  • Course Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed